The St Pancras Hotel Group is located at 31 Argyle Street, Kings Cross St Pancras, London, WC1H 8EP.  Located just steps away from the Kings Cross St Pancras station, the St Pancras Hotel Group offers unparalleled access to some of London's most iconic sights

With Granary Square, the British Museum, and the majestic St Pancras Chambers within easy reach, our location is second to none.

We are the longest hotel terrace in Kings Cross St Pancras spanning over 7 townhouses houses, all converted post World War II  presenting a diverse collection of brands to cater to every guest's needs.

Kings Cross St Pancras has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from an underutilized industrial area into a vibrant hub of activity.

This rejuvenation includes an array of new streets, parks, shops, and a rich mix of bars and restaurants, all set against the backdrop of the area's canal and heritage. 

This area, once overlooked, now thrives with technology hubs likeGoogle's European HQ, cultural venues, and green spaces, reflecting a successful urban regeneration