We offer all of our residents a laundry service which is collected and delivered to your room or suite. We currently offer a 24 hour service with a minimum fee of £25.

Our services and prices are below:




Everyday laundry as well as towels, sheets and duvet covers. Washed and tumble-dried, no ironing.

  • Mixed wash (up to 6 kg)   £16.95

    Light and dark clothes washed together at 30°C. You can request 45°C instead.

  • Separate wash (up to 12kg of light and dark clothes)   £33.90

    We'll separate the items for you and wash at 30°C. Starts with two loads. You can request 45°C instead.




Items are washed, tumble-dried, ironed and delivered on hangers.

  • Shirt on Hanger   £2.95

  • Trousers   £7.95

  • Jumper   £7.50

  • Dress   £12.95

  • T-Shirt on Hanger   £3.00




Delicate items and fabrics. Cleaned, ironed and put on hangers.

  • Shirt on Hanger  £2.95

  • Trousers    £7.95

  • Jumper   £7.50

  • Dress   £12.95

  • 2-Piece Suit   £12.95

  • Jacket / Blazer   £8.95